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Tax preparation and bookkeeping

"We learned, we know, we were the system."

Adam aka 'Dad' worked for the IRS as a Customer Service Representative. He was trained in many aspects of personal taxes and went on to become an Auditor for the IRS. Joe worked for the IRS as a Customer Service Representative and also at a local CPA firm. He rounded out his career as an Auditor with New York State Tax and Finance.  Our newest member, Jen, recently completed her degree in accounting and has 15 years experience with credit management.

Our Experience:

Some Of The Benefits You Will Enjoy Include:

  • A tax preparation and bookkeeping practice with 20+ years experience
  • A free no-obligation discussion about your personal requirements
  • Fixed accounting fees agreed in advance and not dependent on income level
  • Tax planning and preparation

Benefits of Using Our Firm:

  • Fast personal service
  • Working directly with clients
  • If needed, we can come to you
  • Competitive rates
  • Advanced quotes of services provided and fees, no surprises
  • If your tax needs change, we offer year round tax advice

Loophole and Associates was created as a small family business. Our father & son team worked for the government and saw firsthand the difficulties people were having getting quality and affordable tax preparation. When the timing was right, we formed our company and have been serving our customers ever since. As we like to say, "We know, we learned, we were the system."  For 2016 we are proud to announce the addition of our newest staff member to meet our clients needs.

About Our Firm:

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