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United States Military DISCOUNT.  If you serve or have served in the military, let us know to receive 50% off your fees!

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Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping

Our tax year 2018 (Calendar year 2019) prices are listed below (prices subject to change):

Federal Personal Return 1040                              

Schedule A (itemized deductions)            

Schedule C (self employment)                   

Schedule D (sale of investments)                         

Schedule E (rental property, K-1)             

1st State Personal Return                      

Each Additional State Return                  

Electronic Filing                                        

Amended Returns                                     


Business Returns (Corporations / Partnerships)                                           


 Loophole and Associates 

Tax preparation and bookkeeping

"We learned, we know, we were the system."

Do you need an organizer for your taxes? If you are a client from last year, call us and we will send you a customized organizer.